All of the Gang...

All of the Gang...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Because I Graduated College Doesn't Mean I'm Smart

You could say I did it because I'm blond, or because I have six kids and lost my mind somewhere along the way, or for the real reason, pure, simple stupidity.  One of the jokes between my own mother and myself is the fact that I graduated from college and that, for some reason, I have the hardest time figuring simple things out.  I'm writing this as I am taking a break from my most recent frustration, or what my husband lovingly has come to call "The Happenings of Mandy", that as an end result, has me taking apart our dryer. 

Many mom's (not to exclude myself, of course) have accidentally washed crayons.  Only a few months ago I found myself 'googling' how to remove melted crayon from not only the inside of the drier, but from the clothes as well.  Of course I didn't notice until I had put a second load into the drier, because I am not efficient enough to immediately start folding laundry once its out of the takes me a few...days.   My frustrations with the "Crayon Incident" are easily trumped by my latest "accident". 

If I wanted to play my own version of "the blame game" I could blame my husband, but I will take full responsibility.  I could blame him for the fact that he has always had a 'no table cloth' rule at our house.  I finally convinced him that it was easier for me to clean up the table if we had one, reluctantly he agreed, but with one stipulation.  It had to be a vinyl table cloth.  I winced, but agreed.  I have long hated those things.  It is near impossible to find one that isn't tacky and the kids like to play tug-of-war with them.  But, it was a compromise. 

Looking back, I can now say, without question, dispute or argument...vinyl table clothes are not "machine washable"...and especially "dry-able" for that matter.  From this incident I did realize one interesting, useless fact though....I have a pretty big dryer.  I am a big gal and I can easily fit over half of my body into to remove the inside back panel.  I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight after the kids have gone to sleep.  I won't be sipping a hot toddy or cuddling up to a good book.  I'll be picking plastic off a piece of metal that looks like a giant cheese grater.  


  1. hahahahaha! I am So sorry but I couldn't help but laugh. (literally out loud!) I have been there! My "mishaps" are known as "Shannonism's" If you need some company, let me know :-)

  2. As you know I have my "Tricia Moments." Maybe I should blog about my involves a toilet. :)

    So has Jeff now agreed that you can have another table cloth? One this is, actually, made out of cloth?